Floor Maintenance Equipment in Dallas-Fort Worth

At Professional Polish Inc., we provide those living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with floor maintenance equipment to keep the floors of their buildings clean, polished, and fresh. We understand the need to have your own floor maintenance equipment at your business. After all, renting can be a hassle. You have to pick up the equipment, sign agreements, and worry about any sort of damage or flaws that can cost you hundreds in rental repair—it’s often easier to simply make an investment in a high-quality cleaner that will last and give you great quality cleaning and polish whenever you want.

The Popular Floor Maintenance Equipment We Sell:

Scrubbers: We offer walk-behind and ride-on scrubbers that are some of the most common floor cleaners you will see used. These scrubbers can lift up years of buildup to make your floor look shiny and new—like it was just laid down yesterday. They are perfect for frequent cleanings that need to be done in schools and universities as well as office buildings and industrial hubs. Put down the mop and get the cleaning done in half the time with a scrubber.

Carpet Extractors and Care Equipment: These floor maintenance machines use hot water and detergents to get down into the carpet and pull out deep stains that would be impossible to get out by hand. With our carpet extractor, you can extract dirt, grime, and spills out of an entire room in a fraction of the time you could do it with a handheld tool. Our carpet care equipment allows you to restore and recover old carpets and have them looking fresh and new again.

For more information regarding our floor maintenance equipment in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact us today; a representative from our team will be more than happy to assist you!